Who we are

We are justa team full of passion

We are a creative team that is passionate about crafting beautiful and usable solutions.

We let the mind explore new ideas and the brain make it possible.

A thing should be, and can be done differently, more interestingly and more exceptionally. That's our belief.

Our Story

Together. Everyone. Achieves. More

Driven by passion, youthful creativity and hope for changing the world no matter how little it is, ownego was found with the principle of creating the distinctive, molding mere abstract ideas into concrete creations imbued with essence and aesthetics.

Starting with just 2 members, by inspiration and unwavering heart, we have been able to gather great talented, charming fellas to build a characteristic ownego.

We believe that great, innovative, inspirational works can only be made with devotion and an earnest heart, and for that reason, the human element is always the center at ownego. When the people reach their full potential, so do their creations.

ownego is a small startup but you know: Less but better.

Toong App

co-working place in Vietnam

Chasing Sound

music school single page


live like a local


fashion e-commerce store

AIA Lighthouse

interactive single page

Shoot Template

multi-purpose HTML template

Mapa Cafe

cafe, restaurant stores from UK

Agis Bastia

meeting room rentals service

Voglia Di Mare

boat rentals in ajaccio in corisa

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